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Cub Scout Pack 6
(Meadow Vista, California)
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Dens make a Pack!

These are the Dens that make up Pack 6!

Lion Den: Kindergarten age 5 to 6

The Lion program is NEW in 2016 to bring Cub Scouting to Kindergarten age scouts.
The Lions meets about two times each month and they attend the Cub Scout pack meeting and other fun Pack activities.
To learn more about this new program Click Here (Leaving Pack 6 website.)

Bobcat Badge: First Through Fifth Grade

For scouts in 1st through 5th grade regardless of when they join they will earn the Bobcat badge.
They quickly learn eight basic ideas of Cub Scouting before moving on with their Den to the next rank of Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or WEBELOS.

Tiger Den: First grade or age 7

Tiger Cub Scouts meet about three times each month and they attend the Cub Scout pack meeting, and take part in den meetings, and participate in outings

Wolf Den: Second grade or age 8
  The Wolf Cub trail is more challenging and includes more physical activity, learning about safety, and reacting to various situations and other activities.
Bear Den: Third grade or age 9
The Bear Cub trail has achievements in areas of God, Country, Family and Self.
WEBELOS I and II Den: Fourth or fifth grade or age 10
  The WEBELOS (pronounced WEE-buh-lows) Den program is different from the Cub Scout Den program and is more challenging than what younger boys in the Pack do.

WEBELOS Scouts get to work on more challenging activities, including Fitness and Citizenship, to earn the WEBELOS badge.
WEBELOS is an 18 month transitional program that shifts the emphasis from the home-centered activities of Tiger Cub and Wolf and Bear Scouts to more group-centered activities.  This stage prepares the Scout for participation in the great adventure of Boy Scouting by providing boys with a variety of new experiences to help them assume responsibilities and gain maturity, knowledge and skills.

After the Webelos badge, the Scout can continue working toward the Arrow of Light Award, Cub Scouting’s highest award!