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Important Trip Information

Important things to remember for your trip to Mackinac Island:

1. Cell phones or internet connected devices are strictly forbidden from use or being in your possession while on Mackinac Island.  Possession or use will result in immediate termination from the Troop.

2. Medical forms are to be hand delivered to our medic Jerry Matese when you arrive in Mackinaw City.  

3. You must advise Rollin Stocker of your travel plans to and from Mack City.  He may be contacted at 586-382-2626.  

5. Remember to bring your Troop 168 Scout hat! New Scouts will receive their hat in Mack City at no cost.  Lost hats for Scouts from prior years can be replaced at a cost of $25.00.  

5. Review your Equipment List and ensure you are properly prepared for your week on the Island.  A copy of the Equipment List is located on the "Forms" section of the Troop's website,  

6. All Scouts will receive their neckerchief, name tag, Troop 168 hat (new scouts), Mackinac patch and patch holder when they arrive in Mack City.  

7. Remember to have your neckerchief slide in your pocket when you arrive to Mack City!  Don't put your slide in your luggage!! You will not be able to retrieve it once your luggage is loaded in the trailer or placed on the ferry carts in Mack City.  Keep an extra slide in your pocket just in case you lose yours. 

8. NEW! We’ve had a very rainy summer, please remember to have your rain poncho in your scout shorts pocket when you arrive in Mack City.  

9. Remember to wear GREEN epaulets on your uniform. 

10. As in the past few years, we will be wearing the new all green Scout socks.  We are no longer wearing the old green and red Scout socks. 

11. If you are leaving with the Troop from Marysville on Saturday, July 28, 2018, plan your arrival at Gaws Gourmet Foods (located behind 1305 Gratiot Blvd, Marysville, MI 48040 (across the street from Thuet Building Products) no later than 4:00 AM to get your gear loaded into the trailer.  We will be leaving Marysville promptly at 5:00 AM.  

12. You may stop for a quick breakfast at the West Branch McDonalds.

13. The Troop will meet in Mackinaw City around 10:00-10:30 at the Star Line Dock #2 located at 711 S. Huron Ave in Mackinaw City.  The new location is immediately north of the Ramada Inn.  Look for the sign "Premium Day Parking".  Prior to 12:00 noon, the Troop will march to the new Star Line Ferry dock (old Arnold ferry dock) located at 801 S. Huron St. and board the ferry for Mackinac Island.  The Troop will not be meeting behind Ember's Restaurant as in prior years.   

14. Bring a lunch with you to Mack City!  We will not be eating again until 7:00 pm on Saturday.  

15. Ferries will be running every 15-30 minutes on the morning we arrive in Mack City.  Depending on the timing of the departing Troop from Mack Island, Troop 168 will LIKELY take the noon Star Line ferry from Mack City to Mack Island.  

16. DO NOT USE plastic bags to carry clothes, pillows, or sleeping bags!! They are too light for the windy ferry trip over to the Island and will likely end up at the bottom of the Mackinac Straights.  

17. If you plan on riding a bike on Tuesday night you MUST bring a bike helmet with you!