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Cub Scout Pack 3049
(Holland, Michigan)
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2017 Cub Scout Resident Camp!

Session Dates: Aug 3-Aug 5

Gerber Scout Camp - Twin Lakes, MI
2 nights/3 days (2pm on 1st day - 5pm on 3rd day)

For any current Tiger/Wolf Scout

Youth fee: $155 ($180 after Mar 15)
This is where you use your earned Cub Bucks from the popcorn sale!

Adult fee: $85 (half paid by the Pack if holding a registered position in Pack)

Cub Scout Adventureland Overnight Camp

Hi all!!  We've made it back!!  Tired, but had a wonderful time. The boys were able to take part in all of the activities listed in the information about camp below.  Several Pictures have been posted to the Pack site on Snapfish.  The address info is listed in the left column under "Photo Gallery"

All of the boys that went said how much fun they had and that they want to go again next year.  Make sure to ask them about their Super Den Chiefs "Bandit" and "Nugget"

Greetings and Salutations!

I hope you and your pack are getting ready for another fantastic summer at Gerber
Adventureland, because I know my staff and I are getting excited for it! We’re gearing up
to provide you and your boys with the most fun summer they have ever had. There are
new programs and new games as well as a few new faces. Each year our camp grows
because of leaders like you. 
I encourage you to get pumped for camp yourself! If your Scouts see you excited to be
going then they will be even more excited to arrive in the summer. They should be so
excited before they get here that they can hardly sleep because you’ll be so excited that
you can’t sleep! Informed leaders like you make camp an exciting time for your boys and
a relatively stress free and fun time for your other leaders. Take time to read this book and
most of your questions will be answered. If you still have questions feel free to contact us
at any time. We are more than happy to answer your questions so that you can have the
best experience ever! 
This summer our camp is going to be even more fun and exciting than ever before! Each
year we improve not only our program but each aspect of our camp as we strive to push
past the limit to give you the best time that you can possibly have!

See you at camp!

Camp Director-Gerber Scout Reservation

Program Areas

Uncharted Lands (2013)  New this year!!  Designed and created by one of the senior Scouts at camp...  Experience new "unexplored" territory!!! 

The Lost Ship (2000) Set sail on our signature ship in the middle of Adventureland! Thank you, Esther and Seymour Padnos, for this area!

Pirates Cove (2000) Cool off in Big Britton! Take a dip in the lake with your super den chiefs and even bury them in the sand too! Jump on the trampoline or sit back and get a tan! Thank you, Fremont Foundation, for this area!

Crockett’s Challenge (2000) Fire away at targets with BB guns and Bows & Arrows. This area will be open on every program day for the Scouts.

Huck Finn Rafts (2000) Float around the water on a raft or go fishing off the dock! You and your Scouts can even splash around the lake in canoes! Take yourselves out to the middle of the lake to see the
beautiful bodacious view. Thank you Fremont Foundation for this area!

Fort Akela (1998) Come play in the giant fort that started it all! Firebowl.  Our staff puts on a show with crazy amazing skits and songs! Action packed with lots of action and packs, it will be a fabulous time! Yell as loud as you can in front of the fire to get totally stoked.

Evening Program

  • Six spectacular events for the price of one! FUN! FUN! Games that will make you scream and even some that will make your super den chief go craaaazy and they will get a little messy.
  • Along with the above area, you and your Scouts will be able to take part in a dodge ball fight, sponge war, sing and play games on the trail with your super den chiefs and much much more.
  • Super Den Chief
  • You will have a super den chief during your stay at Gerber Adventureland. These are the crazies with the flags that will lead you from place to place in an organized chaotic way while singing songs and playing games to take your mind off the walking. They are GTS, Gerber Transit System for short, as they are like busses that will lead you all over the island. There are no limits here; we PUSH IT PAST THE LIMIT!

Cub Scout Adventureland
The resident camping programs offered for Cub Scouts are geared specifically for those
who are currently a Tiger Cub and are going to be a new Wolf Scout, and those who
are currently Wolf Scouts and are going to be a new Bear Scout. The first year
Webelos and Second YearWebelos* have their own specific camp program and camp
booklet section at the front part of this guidebook. Please be sure you read through all of
the information to better prepare you and your Cub Scouts for the best possible experience
they can have at camp.

Things to Bring:

  • Completed medical forms (parent signed)
  • Sleeping bags or blankets (pillow optional)
  • Uniform and Handbook
  • Blue jeans, pants, t-shirts
  • Sweater, sweatshirt or light jacket
  • Sneakers and boots(bring an extra pair for wet feet)
  • Raincoat or poncho
  • Sleepwear/pajamas
  • Underwear (one for each day plus spare)
  • Towel & Swimsuit
  • Socks
  • Flashlight & extra batteries
  • Comb, toothbrush, soap, toothpaste, etc.
  • Insect Repellent (NO AEROSOL)
  • Canteen or Water Bottle
  • Spending money for camp Trading Post ($30 recommended)
  • Fishing Pole
  • Scout Spirit!!

Please make sure all items are clearly marked with the Scouts name and unit number. Scouts
will get wet and dirty. Please allow for extra clothing and footwear.

Tent Village Living
All Scouts and adult leaders staying in camp are provided with wall tents. Wooden
platforms keep you off the ground and metal cots with mattresses are provided for all
Scouts and leaders. Each pack will be close together in nearby tents, with five to six
Scouts to a tent. Male and female adults will sleep in separate tents, unless married. All
adults sleep in separate tents from Scouts. Tent Village has picnic tables, dining flies and a
leader’s lounge. There are shower facilities in Tent Village for men, women, and youth.
Thank you Steelcase Foundation for providing our super Tent Village!

Adventureland Trading Post
The Adventureland Trading Post offers a large variety of products ranging from soda,
candy, and chips, to camp souvenirs such as tee-shirts, flashlights, and backpacks. Located
in the center of tent village, the Trading Post also offers a variety of Scouting products
such as uniform parts, handbooks, and walking sticks.
Each Scout and leader that attends Cub Scout & Webelos Adventureland will receive a
camp patch at the end of their stay. Additional camp patches will be available for purchase
in the Trading Post.

Check in Procedure
Check-in will be after 2:00 p.m. and before 3:00 p.m. on the first day according to your
session dates. Scouts need to arrive together as a pack or den with their camp leaders. One
leader per pack should check in your group. The other leaders should unload the gear and
watch over the Scouts during this time. Leaders should have a roster of their group and
any receipts from payments prior to camp. Any additional registration fees will be handled
by the Camp Business Manager.

Check Out Procedure
The Camp’s check-out time will be at 9:00 am on the last day according to your session
dates. Parents who come to camp for closing ceremonies on Tuesday or Friday evening
may take their son home after campfire if they wish. You must sign him out with the camp
director before you leave camp. Any Scout leaving camp prior to the scheduled time must
complete a “Scout Release Request” form, found in the forms section of this book, before

*Parents who wish to make alternate plans for their Scout to be picked up from camp must inform the unit leaders and the Camp Director three weeks prior to their scheduled session.

Lost and Found
Items left at camp after closing day will be taken to the Gerber Scout Reservation Ranger
Shop and kept for six months.

Cub Scout Forms

Icon File Name Comment  
Summer Camp Health Form.pdf Summer Camp Health Form  
Summer Camp Release Form.pdf Summer Camp Release Form  

Adult Leader Forms

Icon File Name Comment  
DHS Adult Regsitry form rev7_10.pdf  
Summer Camp Health Form.pdf Summer Camp Health Form  
Summer Camp Release Form.pdf Summer Camp Release Form