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Cub Scout Pack 2211
(Helotes, Texas)
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Musselman Scout Shop

Musselman Scout Shop
2226 NW Military Highway
San Antonio, TX

This is a ball park list of different uniform items and prices.

Short Sleeve Shirt $25
Neckerchief $10 each
Slide $6 each
Web Belt ($10) & Buckle ($7)
Council Patch $4
Unit #2211 $6
World Scout Crest $2
World Scout Crest Ring       $2
about      $72ish
*Cub Scout Caps ($15ea.) - Webelos Cap ($18)
*Pants/Shorts (Switchbacks) $25
*Shorts $20
*Socks $6


Of course they have a lot of really cool stuff there for your boys and yourselves.

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2017 pricelist.pdf 2017 Uniform Price Guide