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Frequently Asked Questions


1)      Where can I find general information about Cub Scouts?  Please see the following link –

2)      Where can I find Cub Scout information specific to Longhorn Council (Pack 777's Council)?  Please see the following link -

3)      Where can I buy the scout uniform & handbook?  All needed items may be purchased at your local Scout Shop.  Both the Lewisville Scout Shop (2305 TX 121 Business, # 180) and the Scout Shop at the Longhorn Council Office in Hurst (850 Cannon Dr.) have everything that you will need.

4)      What is required for the uniform?  For the uniform, our Pack requires everything from the belt up (belt, shirt, neckerchief, slide, hat, and related patches).  The Scout shop will help you with the required patches (777 for the Pack number, Longhorn for the Council, you will not need a den number patch).

5)      May every patch that my scout receives be worn on the uniform and where do they go?  No, some awarded patches are not to be worn on the scout uniform.  Please see your scout’s handbook for all uniform patches/emblems and where they are placed on the uniform.  All other patches may be placed on a brag vest (sold at Scout shops), on a blanket, or other item that you wish to use as a keepsake. 

6)      Do you know of someone that can sew the patches onto my scout’s uniform and/or brag vest, etc.?  One option is to use The Patch Lady.  See the Patch Lady form (attached at the bottom of this page) for more information.  FYI - several months ago, The Patch Lady took a break from sewing patches.  Check with her to see if she is off of her break prior to dropping off your scout's stuff.

7)      My scout is interested in earning a religious emblem.  Where can I find more information on this?  Please see the following link and locate your faith group to see the available emblems -

8)      I have a Catholic scout who wants to learn about Catholic scouting opportunities in the area.  Where can I find more information on this?  Please see the following link to learn about Catholic religious emblems, retreats, and other activities offered in the Ft. Worth diocese – 


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